I’m Phil Freeborn, and this is my vanity page. I feel I’ve earned the privilege of posting to the internet years and years worth of the music I’ve made, for anyone who’s curious to experience, and perhaps enjoy. I only ask that nothing here be used for any commercial, religious, or official purposes.

Much of what you’ll hear was made by me and only me, but I’ve also played in lots of bands over the years, and so although I’ve made an effort to post pretty much just the songs I wrote in those bands, there are cases where I’ve posted songs by other band members. In doing so, I’m aware that I might be offending some people. For this I am sorry, and if you are someone I’ve insulted in this way, please do get in touch with me via the contact form below, and I’ll remedy the situation.

Bye Kids.

Odds 'n' ends 2014

Racehorse 2013

La Mano: It's Always Morning 1994

The Plumber 1991

La Mano: This Grope 1991

Hey Boll Weevil 1990

Wonder Merriment 1989

Beehive Inside 1987

Pinto James F. 1984


CFI Process 1984

Philip Pinto 1984

Durango Moderne 1983

Solo 1981 1982

The Filistines 1981